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 You will also find us through the end of September at the Loveland Farmers Market on Sunday and the Estes Park Farmers Market on Thursday.

Our vision is to establish a farmers market boutique event every Saturday from 9-2 in the Fall/winter months to reach and provide the surrounding communities with sustainable agricultural and Artisian products. Our goal is to network with a small number of local farmers and Artisians who provide consumers with high quality products at Zippity Zoo Market.



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The Bartmann Family Visit to Zippity Zoo  Aug 28, 2012 –Many Pictures

We headed up to Zippity Zoo for one of the previous Zippity Zoo Barnyard events. This is a small family farm at the base of the mountains outside of Loveland.  Check our blog out!                                       







First alpaca of 2010 born at Ridge Valley Alpaca Ranch

By Ann Bradbury
For Loveland Connection

Ann and Carl Bradbury, owners of Ridge Valley Alpaca Ranch, welcomed the newest baby alpaca to their farm family at 10 a.m. Thursday, May 13.

John Giroux, founder of Loveland 365, captured the alpaca’s first moments of life to be included in "Loveland 365, The People, Places and Things That Make Us America's Sweetheart City," which will feature extraordinary events around Loveland all 365 days of the year. Giroux also was anxious to help capture a name for the new cria, and he did. Giroux thought about it for a moment and said “13 is my lucky number” and because crias are born coming out like Superman, he named the new addition Lucky Clark.

“We are grateful that John has taken an interest in our alpacas and especially in our newest cria,” Ann Bradbury said.

The ranch was established in 2006 and the first herd of alpacas was purchased and arrived in June 2007. The Bradburys said because there was a large barn on the ranch, they knew they had to fill it and bought two horses right away.

The couple started the alpacas business with a herd of 10 and currently (including the 14 crias born on the ranch) have 26 total.

“… we purchased an amazing herd sire (Jubilant) who is the sire to nine of the 14 crias,” Ann Bradbury said. “We have a second herd sire, Midnight, who has sired a couple of the crias and several of ours have sires from other alpaca ranches in Northern Colorado.”

The Bradburys take pride in having all eight colors of alpaca In addition to affording a healthy and less stressful lifestyle, alpacas offer a unique way to diversify your financial portfolio, Ann Bradbury said. Alpaca livestock are tax deductable and fully insurable.

“We love all our alpacas and their fiber,” she said. “We have a small farm store where we sell yarn and products made from our alpacas. Last year, we had many visitors to the ranch who loved the experience of meeting the alpacas and then buying products made from them.”

Before raising alpacas, the Bradburys published the Colorado Business and Lifestyle Magazine for about nine years.

Retiring from publishing and moving to the ranch west of Loveland, the couple decided to enhance their life by getting into the alpaca business. And they say the horses also are a huge blessing. Ann Bradbury continues to ride the horses, and that was a childhood dream she said now has come true.

For more information or to schedule a free ranch visit, call 669-0043 or visit


Additional Facts

This story and photos will be included in "Loveland 365, The People, Places and Things That Make Us America's Sweetheart City."
The book is being compiled by community members to feature one positive person, place or thing each day for 365 days that make Loveland America's Sweetheart City. The book is expected to debut by Valentine's Day 2011. Members of Loveland 365 are sharing photos and excerpts from the book with Loveland Connection to showcase for readers how the project is coming together.
For more information, visit www.Loveland365.com.

Accoyo and Hemingway Bloodlines

Meet their alpacas and learn more about these inquisitive, unique animals.

Ann Bradbury insists their alpacas are not pets. "They are livestock," Bradbury said. "They are animals. They like to be together." But then you watch her for a few minutes. She calls them by name, asks them how they are doing and then offers some affectionate hugs and pats. She refers to them lovingly as boys and girls. Pets? Maybe not-Part of the family? Possibly. "You fall in love with them," she said, while giving a tour of the Ridge Valley Alpaca Ranch on 3 1/2 acres west of the Devils Backbone, Loveland. Call today to schedule your own private alpaca farm Tour! Yes the Public is invited to come to our beautiful alpaca ranch with over 50 mature lodge pole pines for a private ranch tour. We even have a couple of horses and if you look really hard you might spot our barn cat.

Ridge Valley Alpaca Ranch Is a Full Service Alpaca Ranch with Full Time Commitment


We offer the following services to help you with your alpaca business:

* Alpaca Sales - Quality bloodlines and award winning animals.

* Breeding - Our multi-award winning herdsire will bring outstanding quality to your herd. We have many breeding and

pricing options to help you.

* Brokering - Let us offer your quality alpacas to the many visitors who will visit our ranch.

* Boarding - We will treat your alpacas like family. 6 month boarders get free professional shearing!

* Marketing Classes - An effective marketing plan should include a way to generate leads, farm visits, and finally sales.

You also need a clear idea of who is going to buy your alpacas. Finally everyone should have a marketing


* Shearing - Trained professional shearing services throughout Northern Colorado

* Show Skirting - Have your show potential alpaca fleece professionally skirted and get the competitive edge!

* Training - Bring your young alpacas to Ridge Valley for in depth halter and show training.

* Seminars - See our Events page at http://www.alpacarancher.net to see the many seminars we offer.

* Care Clinics - Come out to the farm to learn the beginner basics of alpaca handling, temperament and care.

* Investing - See our "No Money Down" and other alpaca investment options to help you get started or grow your herd.

For more information contact Ann & Carl Bradbury at Ridge Valley Alpaca Ranch, Loveland Colorado. 970-669-0043